• Stop spending money on last century advertising...day time television is out, no one reads the newspaper, everyone is on social media. These old-school agencies only care about their bottom line and can care less about yours. 

  • Stop believing that technology and marketing doesn't evolve, especially technology & digital marketing.  It's always changing and that's why you need a partner that is in it every single day.

  • Stop trying to be superhuman...you have a business because you have a passion.  Spend your time with your passion and stop trying to do it all. 

Growing a business doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't take a lot of money to make a difference to your bottom line. 


BUT there are some major things you have to stop doing right away...

Avisar is different, we are more than just a marketing agency we are your partner and we want to see you succeed. So let's grow together and let's find a marketing strategy to get you where to want to be. 


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it’s time to connect with your audience through thoughtful digital experiences that speaks directly to YOUR customers