Wireless Store 

This project is a wireless mobile store.  They sell high-end and basic phones as well as accessories and mobile data plans.  I have worked with this client for going on a year and mostly during store promotions. The objective is to get people to be aware of this location, what they have to offer, and to reach as many people within a 15 mi radius. The demographics are aligned with the objectives and the funnel was built to include: 

  • 2/3 campaigns, including Reach, Traffic, Engagement

  • 2/3 ad sets aligned with the demographics; using previous customer data to reach new customers (look-a-like audience) 

  • up to 5 ads for each ad set using photos or videos provided by the client

Lifetime Stats:


Average CPC (Click per cost) is: $1.28

Average CTR (Click through rate) is: 0.84%

2020-08-11 (3)_LI.jpg
Image by Youssef Sarhan